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About Chocolateness

The varieties of chocolate are near-limitless. Whether you prefer your chocolate white, dark, filled, mixed or chunky, there is something available for every flavor. Chocolate is one of the few treats that has proven health benefits and that can actually be used as a form of medicine to treat smaller ailments. It is quite simply, the stuff of the gods.

Our passion for chocolate runs very deep. The ambition of this site, of this business and of this very venture has always been one of great focus – the promoting of the enjoyment of chocolate. Today’s chocolate treats come in a variety of mouth-watering forms, yet it is the purest to which we pay homage – the dark chocolate, what is often considered to be luxury chocolate. Our ambition has always been and will always be to promote these types of pure chocolates, the enjoyment of the cocoa-based aphrodisiac that is our favorite treat. Here, in what we like to consider chocolate heaven, you’ll come to know a great variety of different products. Yet all of these products have been designed, written, cooked and prepared with a singular, pure purpose in mind – to bring those who share our passions, or those with the curiosity to try them the very best chocolate in the world.

So what do these rapturous treats all have in common? The fact that no other chocolate manufacturer in the world will offer what we offer you: a set of delicious treats that are baked and cooked from naught but the finest of raw ingredients. A pure, high cocoa content with additional sublime ingredients sampled and brought in at great cost from around the world.

Our mindset, which you will come to share quickly, is simple. We want you to feel that sampling a piece of our chocolate will physically excite you.

Our ambition is to convince you that following a slow, delicious bite of our product, that – yes, you’ve indeed come to chocolate heaven.

 About Chocolateness

Steve W. Carter
President and CEO